Kangana Ranaut's property demolished by BMC: TV celebs call it a shameful act, say more power to the actress

Updated: 13 September, 2020 07:45 IST | mid-day online correspondent | Mumbai

A lot of celebrities criticised Kangana Ranaut for her POK comment but spoke in support of her after the BMC's action

All images courtesy: PR
All images courtesy: PR
Be it nepotism or Sushant Singh Rajput's death, Kangana Ranaut has always voiced her opinion about things that she feels are not right. And on her way has made many foes than friends. Her recent comment where she compared Mumbai to POK did not go down well with many. However, soon after her remark, she was sent a notice by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation about the unauthorised construction at her Mumbai office. And it took a day for the BMC to run bulldozers there.
A lot of celebrities criticised Kangana for her POK comment but spoke in support of her after the BMC's action. Here's what they said:
Amal Sehrawat
TV Celeb
Kangana through her speech inspires many people to be open and transparent in sharing their thoughts. Being right or wrong is very subjective, but I admire her for not being a hypocrite. I strongly condemn the way in which steps were taken against her by the BMC. I found it very biased, where she was not given a chance to put her side of the story or take any legal action, which is the basic right of every Indian. In my opinion, it was a very harsh step taken by the BMC.
Rishina Kandhari

TV Celeb
I'm very impressed by Kangana. The way she handled the entire ruckus so calmly is commendable, anyone else in her place would've broken and shattered, emotionally and mentally. This is pure mental harassment. Yet she came out like a lioness. It's a show of dirty politics and power. No one else but Kangana has guts to speak so boldly and bluntly against the so-called ruthless and ethical politicians and biggies of Bollywood! More power to her.
Vijayendra Kumeria

TV Celeb

Yes, what happened with Kangana was a clear case of vindication, and a poor display of power against her, because of her comment on Mumbai, and the way she has exercised her freedom of speech. I don't say that whatever she says is right, it may or may not be, and we should leave that to our investigative authority and jurisdiction, but the demolition on the same day of her arrival into Mumbai was a clear cut action of proving a point.
Subuhii Joshii

TV Celeb
Kangana Ranaut has always been quite vocal about a number of issues. So her continuous comments on Sushant's death case is not any exception. In my opinion, we all observe right or wrong as per our own perspective, but yes I definitely agree that in a sensitive case like Sushant's, we should say or comment very sensibly and honestly without being biased with one side. However, what BMC did with Kangana's property is totally unacceptable, unethical, illogical and inhumane. No doubt it's pure revenge, nothing else, and it's a politically driven activity. I wonder are we really living in a democratic state!
Pranitaa Pandit 

TV Celeb
What has happened with Kangana is unimaginable, it is absolutely cruel and unfair. She is a self-made woman. It's her hard-earned money and it's her first-ever production house workplace that she had made with so much love and passion and to do that with someone is just not acceptable. So initially I was kind of contemplating like what Kangana is saying or doing is completely correct or not, there were doubts in my mind, but this action by BMC proves her correct. This is the worst action that they could have ever taken against any individual just for speaking what they think is true. I stand with Kangana. And of course, it is a properly calculated move. I am sure there must be something illegal but the way it was conducted was just too fast and well planned and it just looks like revenge which was properly planned and executed.
Shivani Gosain 

It is completely unfair and unjust. Whether it was a legal or illegal construction, according to the SC order they were not supposed to take any step till 30th September because of the current pandemic situation. It's clearly just frustration and revenge. Not done, not accepted at all. 
Urvashi Upadhyay Sharle 
What happened on  Wednesday is very shocking and sad, because a house or an office is made with so much difficulties and hard work, and it is demolished by saying it is illegal. It's like only Kangana's office is illegal rest everything is legal. In Mumbai there are other illegal buildings too, they didn't demolish all those buildings. In her absence doing what they did was wrong. Till now everything was ok, so what happened now, why it became illegal, the way it has happened, everyone is feeling that it is revenge. Her comment on comparing Mumbai to POK is wrong, but what has happened with her is wrong too. People are saying bad things to her, which is wrong, and this is not our culture, and she is fighting alone. She might not be 100 per cent right, but she is not 100 per cent wrong also.
Angad Hasija 
Initially, a lot of people tried to get publicity with Sushant's death, and Kangana was also one of them. If she really wanted to, she could have just let it be about Sushant, but she made it about herself. And I did not appreciate that. I also did not appreciate her comment on comparing Mumbai with POK, because that's the city which gives me my bread and butter. But I condemn BMC's act. It was not required at all, it's not just unfair, it shows that if you say anything against the government, your mouth will be shut. It's a scene straight out of a Bollywood film. 
Avinash Mukherjee 
Whatever Kangana has said so far, be it nepotism or even Sushant's death, she has tried to bring the audience's attention towards all this. She might not be right always, and I strongly criticise her comment on comparing Mumbai to POK, but that doesn't give you the right to demolish her office. What BMC did is just not acceptable. It was a war of words from both sides, and they should have left it like that. I support Kangana in this matter because what's wrong is wrong. You don't know how much blood and sweat and love she created that place, and you destroyed it in seconds. It's definitely revenge, and also shows how inhumane and irresponsible they are. 

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First Published: 13 September, 2020 07:45 IST

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