Kangna's film crew give an exam to shoot at Paris station

Jan 15, 2013, 08:59 IST | Shakti Shetty & Kunal M Shah

Why crewmembers of Kangna Ranaut's next had to appear for a written exam at the Paris railway station �

These were quite the testing times for the unit folks of Kangna Ranaut’s upcoming film. The film’s crew wanted to shoot at a railway station in Paris. The entire team including director Vikas Bahl was asked to take a test in order to be granted permissions to shoot at the location.

Kangna Ranaut

A source says, “For the preparation of the written exam, the crew had to memorise around 40 pages of rules and regulations which are followed at the railway station. All this had to be done to get the needed permission from the railway authorities. Needless to add, it was a task for the complete team. However, they come out with flying colours.”

The spokesperson for the unit confirms this amusing episode and states, “The rules required all of us to memorise from a very heavy book!” 

Up, up and away...
It seems the permissions saga continued for Vikas and his team. They faced similar problems at New Delhi too where they were required to shoot at the airport.

The unit reached a roadblock when they were denied permission to shoot at the airport due to security reasons. Thanks to Bahl and Kangna’s record as National Award winners, it helped them get the permissions. The shoot took place more than a week back.”

A source from the unit says, “A very important scene had to be picturised at the airport. Vikas is known for his authenticity and was not keen to have the scene shot on a set and he was worried. However, when the authorities learnt that the film had Kangna and is directed by Vikas, who are both National Award winners, they agreed to give permission for a few hours.”  

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