Kangna is raising eyebrows with her fashion sense

Sep 20, 2013, 08:30 IST | Rashmi Henriques and Sujata Chakrabarti

With her frequent over-the-top dressing, Kangna Ranaut is clearly Bollywood's spin-doctor when it comes to matters of eccentric fashion

In an industry that blindly follows fashion trends, it’s heartening to see an actress or two willing to break the barriers of stereotypical dressing. Keeping the fashion watchers guessing till the last moment about their choice of wardrobe, they are Bollywood’s true fashion chameleons.

And no points for guessing who the front-runner is. Hailing from the small town of Bhambla in Himachal Pradesh, Kangna Ranaut definitely has big city tastes. She has even managed to silence her fashion critics who have often ridiculed her for her over-the-top style. Here’s looking at some of the recent instances where Kangs managed to raise eyebrows with her courage of conviction and her eclectic choice of clothes, accessories and make-up.

Kangna Ranaut
At Rakesh Roshan’s birthday party

Kangs’s recent eyebrow-raising act at the big Roshan party attracted shutterbugs like moths to a flame. The actress had bleached her eyebrows so pale (in keeping with her mutant avatar in Krrish 3) that she was almost unrecognisable.

Kangna Ranaut
At a magazine event

Kangs went warrior chic in her half-up, half-down hair do. With her face scrubbed of make-up, her red lips and severe hairstyle drew exclaims.

Kangna Ranaut
At a book launch

Looks similar to that glossy tacky shower curtain at home? But not on Kangna. With her matte pink matching handbag and shoes, it’s Kangna’s cheeky take on check mate.

Kangna Ranaut
At a success bash

No one’s shown off their intimate wear with so much class. The actress went an extra mile with her carefully orchestrated ensemble for the evening, providing a sneak-peek of her stylish taste in lingerie

Kangna Ranaut
At a celebrity cricket event

Rewind to the black and white era in Hollywood when actresses opted for clean silhouettes and well-defined tailoring. Kangs seems to have taken a leaf out from old school glamour with this outfit. Who said wearing a retro-inspired coat as a dress is boring?

Kangna Ranaut
At a film promotion event

Copper tones in hair with an ox-blood mouth often spells disaster. Until of course it’s sported by Kangna.

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