Kangna put her foot down to shooting steamy scenes with teenager

Sep 30, 2013, 08:37 IST | Asira Tarannum

Kangna Ranaut is known to have quite a bold image in her films but looks like a sequence of scenes in her upcoming film 'Rajjo' got too hot to handle for the actress

Kangs was required to shoot a love scene with a 17-year-old lad. However, the actress expressed her discomfort, given the tender age of her co-star and the makers were forced to alter the screenplay.

Kangna Ranaut and Paras Arora in the film
Kangna Ranaut and Paras Arora in the film

Kangs plays a nautch girl in Vishwas Patil’s film. According to unit members, Kangs was in for a surprise when she discovered her co-star Paras Arora was all of seventeen. Kangna spent a lot of time interacting with Paras on the sets but found him extremely shy and uncomfortable.

Says a source, “Paras looked like a kid to Kangna. They were both very uncomfortable at the prospect of shooting love scenes. The actress conveyed her decision to the director.” Says Kangs, “Paras was too young for the scenes. He is a kid.”

A friend of the actress says, “Kangna was against shooting intimate scenes with a young boy. After all, he is a minor. The unit members thought the film would be handed out an ‘A’ certificate but the makers have done away with the scene altogether.”

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