Kangna Ranaut falls flat on her face!

Aug 21, 2012, 08:50 IST | Kunal M Shah

Actress injures herself in Paris after trying to perform some cool stunts in the middle of the road

Looks like Kangna needs to brush up on her road safety skills. After trying to show off some of the moves she perfected on the sets of her superhero film opposite Hrithik Roshan, right in the middle of a street in Paris, she fell flat on her face!

Kangna Ranaut

The accident has left her elbows and knees injured from the impact. A unit member informs, “Kangna was fooling around the sets, showing off kicks learnt for her superhero film. One crewmember challenged her to do a particular stunt. Though, Kangs wasn’t in appropriate costume, she still tried it and fell down in the middle of the road.”

Elaborating on the injury she sustained, the source adds, “It was a bad fall and there was blood. The director and the crew got worried and called for a doctor. However, Kangna who seemed in pain could not stop laughing at her own foolishness. Then the entire crew started laughing too.”

The film’s director Vikas Bahl then apparently gave strict instructions to Kangs not to fool around on the sets anymore and she apologised for her childish behaviour and immediately returned to her shoot.” Kangna remained unavailable for comment. 

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