Karan Joseph death: What happened in the last few hours

Sep 17, 2017, 10:30 IST | Suraj Ojha

Karan Joseph's friend and musician Randolph Correia's statement sheds light on the Bangalore-based pianist's disturbed state of mind in the hours leading up to his death

Karan Joseph
Karan Joseph

In an attempt to explore all possible angles and figure out the reason behind pianist Karan Joseph's alleged suicide, the police are also probing if Joseph was unhappy after a clash between roommate Rishi Shah and friend, Tej Singh Brar, over a Facebook post.

Joseph allegedly killed himself by jumping off Shah's 12th floor flat at a Bandra high-rise on September 9.

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Explaining the minute details of Joseph's last meeting with his friends, a police source said Karan was confused as artist manager Tej Brar and other friends had asked him to stay away from Shah. This was allegedly the fallout of Shah's Facebook post where he said, "Rohan Majumdar [a common friend] is a bad singer. He smells bad and nobody should share stage with him". The source said Joseph was torn as he was worried about harming his career if he distanced himself from Shah as well as about his losing his friends if he didn't.

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According to the statement of musician and friend Randolph Correia, Joseph was highly emotional, and took everything too seriously. "On September 8, I missed his calls and messages at around 11 as I was busy. Later, I saw that his message said he was upset, following which I asked him to come meet me so he would feel better. At that time, I was at a club in Khar and then I headed off to Drop at Waterfield Road, Bandra West. At 5 am, I got a message from Karan that read, 'I am getting beaten up'," Correia said. "I immediately called him up and told him to come to Drop, and when he arrived he seemed normal, which was the opposite of what I expected. We then went to Tej's house for the party. Other friends like Sohel, Paloma, Mandevi, Royson and Varun were present there."

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Correia said that when Joseph entered the party, Brar hugged him and thanked him for coming. Joseph then went to the kitchen, drank a bit and stood in a corner looking tense. "Brar even apologised to him for the misunderstanding created because of the Facebook post. He asked him if he was OK. At around 5.45 am, Joseph left Brar's house without telling anyone," said the statement.

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Brar has confirmed this sequence to the police.

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Karan Joseph suicide

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