Karate champ's death: 'Sweeper did the autopsy, not a doctor'

Mar 29, 2016, 15:39 IST | Samiullah Khan

The father of the karate champion, whose body was found near Malshej Ghat, alleges after the post-mortem, the police did not even get a forensic test done. Watch video

The father of the karate champion, whose body was found on March 23 in his car near Malshej Ghat, after he had been missing for three months, has alleged that the post-mortem of the body was conducted by a sweeper of the local hospital. Deepak Mokashi has also alleged that the police did not even bother to get a forensic test done.

Indrajeet Mokashi had called his father on January 21 to say he had met with an accident
Indrajeet Mokashi had called his father on January 21 to say he had met with an accident

Indrajeet (24) had called his father informing him on January 21 that he had met with an accident. He had said his car was rammed by a truck and he was near Malshej Ghat. The family claims that the call recording was given to the Tokawade police station while registering a missing complaint, but the police chose to ignore it.

According to Mokashi, the police did not trace the truck driver or conduct any investigations in the accident case. “My son’s body seems just 20 days old, not 3 months old. It is clear that he was alive all this while. If the police would have investigated the accident my son would have been alive,” said Mokashi.

Mokashi said that after the call they rushed to the spot but could not find Indrajeet anywhere. His phone was also switched off. According to the mobile tower location, Indrajeet’s phone was near Murbad before switching off. The family approached the Murbad police but they were turned away. The police asked the family to go to Tokawade police station to register a missing complaint as the accident spot was under their jurisdiction.

Mokashi then went to the Tokawade police station and registered the complaint. He also submitted the voice call recording of Indrajeet. “The police officers just bluffed us by saying that a team has been sent to Ahmednagar, Nashik and Thane to trace Indrajeet but they were just lying,” Mokashi said.

Wallet, mobile missing
Mokashi further added that his son’s body was found in a decomposing state but his clothes were missing and so were his wallet and mobile phone. “The postmortem was conducted but they did not bother to conduct forensic test to get clues. The post mortem was conducted by a sweeper of the local hospital not the doctor,” he said.

Indrajeet’s mother feels it is a murder case. “The truck driver knew that he had pushed someone. Even if it was an accident, the driver should have informed the nearby traffic outpost. But he left my son to die. We want justice and also action against Tokawade police for their negligence,” she said.

Satyam, Indrajeet’s brother said that they were helped by a Senior Inspector of Goregaon police station, who traced his mobile location. “But whenever we went to the Tokawade police they always said that their team is investigating, but nothing more was done,” he said.

Police speak
“Many times after an accident in the Malshej Ghat, people present rush the injured person to a nearby hospital. Later hospital authorities inform the police about the accident,” said Superinten-dent of Police Rajesh Pradhan, Thane Rural.

He said Malshej Ghat extends in an area about 40 km and has several deep valleys. Some valleys are very deep and impossible to reach. There are several accidents and cars and trucks have fallen in the deep valley. He said information of few accidents is reported to the police station immediately, and that of some takes many days, as the vehicle may be found by locals later.

"The same thing happened in Indrajeet Mokashi’s accident case. Indrajeet’s car fell in the deep valley. After the accident nobody informed us. After the complaint from the Mokashi family a search operation was launched but we failed to find him. Several teams were formed in search of Indrajeet. Few were sent to different cities, they examined the hospitals there, but did not get any information," Pradhan said.

"After hearing the call record of Indrajeet it looks like it is just an accident case. We are investigating it. If anything suspicious is found police will take action accordingly," said Pradhan.

Transcript of the last call

Mokashi: Hello
Indrajeet: Arrey Papa where are you?
Mokashi: Why?
Indrajeet: My car has fallen into Malshej valley.
Mokashi: What happened?
Indrajeet: I have met with an accident near Malshej ghat.
Mokashi: What happened?
Indrajeet: A truck driver has dashed against my vehicle. I have fallen into a valley at Malshej ghat. The car has been completely damaged. Please come fast with an ambulance.
Mokashi: Come with ambulance??
Indrajeet: Please come soon. I have broken my back and neck. Please come soon.
Mokashi: Yes. Hello..But how are you. You want me to come with the car? I will get an ambulance?
Indrajeet: Yes
Mokashi: But how come you reached Malshej ghat?
Indrajeet: I had come here with some work, to deliver a parcel. A truck hit my car. My car has fallen into the valley. I am lying down here. Please come soon.
Mokashi: Are you injured grievously?
Indrajeet: Yes, I am injured badly, Please come soon.
Mokashi: Is there any hospital around you? No one has admitted you to the hospital?
Indrajeet: No one has bothered to do so. My car is in the valley and I am inside the car.
Mokashi: The car is in the valley?
Indrajeet: The car has fallen from the top. I am inside the car. Please come soon.
Mokashi: Where do I come in Malshej Ghat?
Indrajeet: Even I don’t know. A truck driver has hit my car and the car has fallen into the valley. Come soon.
Mokashi: Ok I am coming there. You please call your Mama immediately.
Indrajeet: I don’t have his number. You call him and inform about it. I have broken my neck and shoulder.
Mokashi: Ok, I’m coming to you. Will take two to three hours to reach.
Indrajeet: Call up Mama. Do whatever you want but come soon.
Mokashi: Ok, I am coming.

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