Karisma Kapoor's a taskmaster

Apr 05, 2012, 07:44 IST | Gauri Pradhan

"Having good values is very important," says Karisma Kapoor while talking about her children and her own childhood to CS.

She added that this is the right time for mothers to work in Bollywood as the industry has become much more accommodating than it was earlier. Here’s how Karisma’s handling her motherhood and kids:

Who: Karisma Kapoor
What: On how she deals nwith her children

The strict mom
Kareena is the cool maasi of my kids. But I am a taskmaster. I monitor the amount of time my daughter watches television. I know that later my kids will watch whatever they want, whenever they want. But right now at least, there needs to be some control. Even in case of junk food, kids love eating pizzas and burgers, but it should all be in a limit. Even when I grew up, we ate similar kind of junk food like wafers and chips. So, there’s not much difference in the kind of food they are having now.

Bonding with my babies
I try and do a lot with my kids apart from watching cartoons. I go swimming and do other outdoor activities as well. Even if it’s just going marketing, my daughter accompanies me. I believe that the initial years when your kids are growing up are very important. So I enjoyed my break taking care of my family, home and kids. Now that my daughter has grown up and goes to school, I have time to work.

Following in mom’s footsteps
I will just apply what my mom did with us. We kind of knew that we came from a family that was special but she never treated us like we were different. She made us travel by train while going to college. That’s something that I am very particular about with my children too. I want them to grow like any other child. I think the right values, upbringing and thoughts they have are very important to me. You should have your head firmly fixed on your shoulders.

Down the memory lane
Life back when I was a kid was very simple. We used to watch a lot of Tom & Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Tweety and Scooby Doo. I think cartoons today are getting violent, but I have a girl so I haven’t had such a problem yet. When my son starts growing up and watching cartoons, I will probably have to deal with that. But like I said, television is restricted in my house. So, even he won’t get to watch too violent cartoons. 

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