Kat's secret meeting with Salman on her birthday

Jul 18, 2012, 08:52 IST | Kunal M Shah

Katrina Kaif drops in at former beau Salman Khan's house for a hush-hush birthday party; warns media people outside her home to not follow her

It is a classic case of once bitten twice shy. Four years after the infamous spat between Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan at her birthday party at Olive, Bandra, Katrina prefers to keep her celebrations quiet. No wonder this year on her birthday (July 16), Katrina Kaif tried every trick in the book to try and throw shutterbugs off the track enroute her hush-hush meeting with former beau Salman Khan. But we manage to get you the story anyway.

Katrina Kaif

The D-date
On her last birthday Kat was reported to have met both Sallu and SRK separately. However, looks like this year, the actress tried her best to make sure that no one got wind of her birthday plans. She insisted all along that she had no birthday plans and would be busy dubbing for her upcoming thriller at Yash Chopra’s studio. However, we found out that former beau Salman had planned a special party for her at his Bandra residence where only a few close friends were invited.


Kat gets into the act
A source says, “It was Katrina’s plan to fool the media and she did manage to some extent. She had her own plans chalked out and did not want anyone in the media to know about it. That’s exactly the reason why she asked the shutterbugs waiting outside her home to not follow her when she left her house last night.” In fact, Kat even readily posed for photographs outside her residence. However, she told them in no uncertain terms not to follow her. The paparazzi apparently had no other option but to oblige her.

The source adds, “She went to Salman’s house and made sure that no one would notice her while entering the house. He did not invite people from the film industry for this bash. It was a small private affair with only few close family members and a couple of friends from the industry.” The actress however denies the story. So much for your secret party, Kat!  

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