Kate Beckinsale not so delicate

Aug 02, 2012, 08:52 IST | Janhavi Samant

Hollywood sensation Kate Beckinsale on her tough image, her director husband and some of her best memories

When Kate Beckinsale walks into the room, you know why she’s been consistently making it to the lists of the world’s sexiest and most beautiful women. This 39-year-old is not only sexy and beautiful but also can launch a mean kick in your gut and co-star Colin Farrell can vouch for it! In a one-on-one to promote her next release Total Recall, Kate talks about playing tough:

Kate Beckinsale

Is it easy working with your husband on a film? Has work carried on to the dinner table?
It does happen but not much. I mean, it’s different for an actor and a director. An actor is like a sprinter. I move from project to project, whereas when Len starts a film, he is involved in it for two years. I come home and take care of other things. But he’s totally on it every minute. He was not sleeping well for a long time. It was a lot to ask for to dive into a film this big. That was definitely not easy.

Is there a moment in your life you would like to recall?
Giving birth to my daughter. I really enjoyed that. Not the pregnancy and the feeling ill all the time bit or even the delivery part. My stepfather actually had offered to film the birth. I was really horrified! She is 12 now and we share an interesting relationship. Just some time ago we travelled to Brighton and London. It was good. Her birth was incredible.

Has being an action heroine been easy?
When I started off, I must admit, female action leads were rare. Most of the roles were either second fiddles or overtly sexual. I experimented a lot. But it’s changed now. Action doesn’t come so naturally though. Personally, I don’t like moving around too much. There is a lot of up and down and a lot of times, your hair gets in your eyes and face a lot. For an action actor, it helps to be bald. That’s why Bruce Willis is so good at it (laughs).

It must be very stressful.
Yes. I like my yoga. It makes me feel calmer. I also
read a lot.

You are also multi-lingual...
Yes, I specialise in French, German, Russian. I totally understand Spanish. I studied Russian in school. This year I want to learn Italian.

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