Kate opts for picture perfect present for William's birthday

Apr 07, 2012, 07:43 IST | Agencies

The Duchess of Cambridge has sat for her first royal portrait. And the piece was commissioned for a very special purpose � Prince William's 30th birthday on June 21

The brunette secretly posed for royal artist Nicky Philipps at her London studio — with Kate’s doting father-in-law Prince Charles reportedly paying £25,000 (Rs 20 lakh) for the artwork.

Picturesque surprise: Kate’s portrait is being done by artist to the Royals Nicky Philipps at a very royal price of Rs 20 lakh. File pic

It’s all familiar territory for Nicky, who is the painter responsible for the first double portrait of William and Harry in full royal regalia. Kate took advantage of William’s recent spell in the Falkland Islands, where he was on RAF duty, to pose for the painting. It is believed four sittings were required.

“Most couples wouldn't think a picture of a loved one would be a great present, but this is a big deal. It’s the first portrait Kate has sat for,” an insider added.

However, problems are believed to have occurred during the process when the artist deemed the young princess ‘too beautiful’. Philipps said it is difficult to depict attractive people as their faces are symmetrical, meaning it is ‘unlikely you will do them justice’.

Kate’s 30th birthday present
Meanwhile, when Kate turned 30 in April, Prince William gifted Kate a black cocker spaniel pup, whom she named Lupo. A source said, “The dog is ever so cute. The duke and duchess have been seen with it several times and he runs along at their heels.” 

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