Kate's wardrobe gaffe irks islanders

Sep 27, 2012, 06:54 IST | Agencies

Mistook one country's traditional dress for that of another on tour

Even though all was certainly not quiet on the Kate Middleton front over in England, it looked like the royal couple’s Diamond Jubilee tour of the South Pacific went off without a hitch. But new reports indicate otherwise.

Right place, wrong dress: The Duchess wore this dress to a party at the Solomon Islands  assuming it was a traditional national dress, only to later discover that the dress was actually from the Cook Islands. Pic/Getty Omages

One night during their visit to the Solomon Islands just over a week ago, Kate and William gamely sported some of the locally-made apparel that was gifted to them upon their arrival. As it turns out, however, the clothes they chose for their evening were not in fact made in the Solomon Islands, but rather were pieces of traditional garb from the Cook Islands, situated some 3,000 miles away.

The couple were meant to have dressed as Solomon Islanders to the party in the capital of Honiora on September 16.

The Duke and Duchess were to attend the event wearing a traditional handmade shirt and traditional dress respectively. But the gaffe occurred thanks to a woman named Kethie Sunders, a member of the welcoming committee who laid out the wrong clothes in the royals’ suite.  

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