Keep glowing this monsoon

Jul 26, 2012, 11:43 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

The Guide gives you make-up and hair care tips for the monsoon

The basic beauty mantra for the monsoon is to use ‘waterproof’ make-up so that nothing can go wrong even on a rainy day. Also ensure that monsoon makeup should be kept as minimal as possible. Loud make-up is a complete no-no.

> Tips for eye make-up:
Do not go for very dark and heavy eye make-up. This is the area that has most chances of going wrong as the eyes are prone to get wet due to their frequent exposure to the environment. Avoid eye-liner and mascara but water-proof kajal is recommended. You can use colorful eye- shadow but make sure that they are gel-based.

> Tips for hair care:
Hair often tends to get all dry and tangled during this season. Your hair needs a lot of care and conditioning during the rains. Frequent usage of hair-drying machines make hair dry and unmanageable. To avoid this, deep root conditioning is necessary and you can also go to the hair spa more frequently. Do not wash your hair without having a proper oil massage.

> Base and foundation tips:
Go for a matte-finish foundation rather than a glossy one. Also, use more of compact powder to deal with that extra amount of oiliness on your cheeks.
Blush should be avoided during the season or if at all its used, use the powder blush to make it more natural. Don’t go for shimmer and choose a shade in pink to get that special look.

>During night outs:
The same procedure can be followed for your make-up for nights out but one can experiment with more glossy and shimmery shades. If the climate does not allow you to go for full-fledged makeup beat that with your clothing style and accessories. Bright coloured clothing and funky accessories is an unbeatable combo for the season. Sujata Aru, a beauty therapist from the city, says, “Nude make-up is a hit these days as Katrina Kaif and other icons are sporting the look every now and then. I would like to suggest some investment in waterproof make-up products so that further embarrassment can be avoided.”
All in all, opt for nude make-up this season. 

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