Ken Jeong: The show is based on my life

Oct 26, 2015, 08:13 IST | Dhara Vora

Three questions with Ken Jeong, doctor-turned-comic-actor on his show 'Dr Ken'

  Q. Being a semi-autobiographical show, how much of Dr Ken is similar to the real Dr Ken?
A. The show is based on my life but a lot of it had to be changed. Ken on the show is good at heart but tends to overreact and can be blunt. I don’t overreact and cannot be blunt as I am a sensitive person. Refreshing my doctor skills for the medical part of the show was a fun process. A lot of my friends are doctors, and my wife is a doctor too, so I had their support and advice for the content.

Ken Jeong (in a lab coat) in a still from the  TV show, Dr Ken
Ken Jeong (in a lab coat) in a still from the TV show, Dr Ken

Q. What was more challenging — quitting your medicine practice to become an actor or to wait for the initial reactions to the pilot episode of your show?
A. Getting into acting was the bigger challenge. I left a day job to pursue acting when I had no acting jobs in hand. It was a leap of faith. My wife supported me to do it. To become an actor was my passion.

Q. You have played and voiced various characters, from Senor Ben Chang on the TV show, Community and Floyd Eagle-san in Despicable Me 2, which role remains your favourite?
A. It has to be Leslie Chow from The Hangover series. My life changed because of that character; I tasted success for the first time because of it. I am so grateful to that movie, the character and all the people behind the films.

Dr Ken airs every Sunday at 1.30 pm and 8 pm on Comedy Central.

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