Khar restaurant, Hangover fails to add that special something to its menu

Jul 24, 2013, 11:55 IST | Tanveer Bookwala

Unlike the popular namesake Hollywood film, this restaurant in Khar fails to add that special something to its menu, leaving one with a strictly average dining experience

A new pub/lounge makes its way in the Khar-Bandra stretch. This one, just outside the Khar station makes a debut in a long line of hotels and restaurants that already dominate that stretch. So what’s exciting about Hangover? The catchy name reminded us of the popular Hollywood film and its sequels, gave us an instinctively good vibe and as soon as we entered, we noticed the English-styled ambiance with a menu that spelt multi-cuisine food. But the devil was in the details. Ghastly curtains draped like a 1970’s gangster den took away the sheen from the interesting murals adorning the walls. American dance music played when we entered but switched to Bollywood Pop soon after. Thankfully, the playlist was decent, though we seemed to be the only people who enjoyed it. We learnt, that Hangover’s club counterpart next door, complete with louder music, had more crowds.

Nachos with Cheese

Service was quick and prompt but hard to judge since we were the only ones and none of the dishes were complex. We began with the Nachos with Cheese (Rs 190). The corn tortilla chips were served with salsa (Mexican) and cheese on the side. The chips not worth ordering and didn’t even have a more pronounced corn flavour than the store variations. The crispness was consistent, which was good, but overall, these tasted like regular chips. The accompanying melted cheese was nice but the salsa was ordinary. Spicy salsa or perhaps, a variation like roasted jalapeno might have helped.

We switched cuisines with the radical choice of Fish Koliwada (Rs 360). The preparation was basic, with fish fillets deep-fried and seasoned lightly. We missed the ginger-garlic and chilly, which traditionally adds the zing factor. For a delicacy that is served as a popular entrant on most seafood menus in Maharashtra, a variation to the preparation would’ve been perfect. Even today, people from across India prefer the bylanes of Koliwada for the authentic taste. This one is average, at best.

Next, we moved to Thai cuisine, and opted for a Veg Thai Green Curry Rice (Rs 350). This was the most authentic dish on the menu. But like all dishes here, it was strictly average. It came with the authentic trimmings — lemongrass, coriander seeds, green chillies, galangal, kaffir lime leaves and coconut milk. While they went too easy on the coconut milk, this mild dish served its purpose.

Now, multi-cuisine restaurants deliver very rarely. In this case, Hangover fell short on a specialty and we were left with a desi amalgamation of most dishes — not in a good way. The food was average and in today’s day and age of instant gratification and competition, extraordinary has to be the word of the day.

At Evergreen Building, 3rd Road, Near Khar Railway Station, Khar (W).

Call 233130246

Hangover didn’t know we were there. The Guide reviews anonymously and pays for meals. 

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