Kharghar students head to Germany for race car contest

Apr 11, 2013, 11:00 IST | Richa Pinto

A team of 23 students will pit their creation 'TvakSa' against other universities from around the world

 A group of 23 engineering students from Kharghar’s Bharti Vidyapeeth College will be seen putting to use their theoretical knowledge at an international design competition soon.

The student team named Triumphant Racers is headed to Germany in July, to participate in Formula Student Germany 2013, with their creation ‘TvakSa’ where they would be seen competing with other racing universities from around the world.

Top gear: The team with the car they’ve designed for Formula Student Germany 2013  

Formula Student Germany is an International Design Competition where students build a formula type race car with which they can compete against teams from all over the world.

Right from the design phase to the software, manufacturing and production process followed by the assembly of the product, they are working hard to turn their dreams into reality.

Vikhyat Shah, project manager who is in his final year of engineering said, “This is the second time we are participating in this competition. Being an international level contest there are numerous things that we need to keep in mind. Last year, although we travelled to Germany we were not able to compete successfully at all the events as our car got stuck in customs at the airport. This year we are better prepared and well aware of all the rules and regulations.”

He further adds, “The name of our creation itself means a mixture of creativity and innovation. In the 1950s India was seen as one of the backward countries of the underdeveloped world. Today India is seen as a leader of Asia and our team is eager to contribute to the same by representing the country at this international contest by presenting our creation Formula SAE Car.”

Triumphant Racers has qualified for the Formula Student Germany 2013 competition by acing this year’s early registration quiz. After learning from its experiences from the past year, the team wishes to apply all the knowledge it has gained in its newest design. Gaurav Shetty, team captain and a Third Year engineering student said, “We are better prepared this year and are working hard to get through all the stages of the competition successfully.” 

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