Kickstart a musical evening

Jul 04, 2013, 05:59 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Head to a performance by Mumbai-based band Kickstart Freedom for a fun musical evening

Mumbai-based band Kickstart Freedom follows a rather unusual method to keep their music fresh -- rotating bandmates. The band’s influences include almost every genre, right from Funk, Pop, Jazz, Heavy Metal, Grunge, Alternative and more. The members of the band which will be performing in the city today include Cajetan D’souza on Guitars / Keyboards, Adrian D’mello on Bass, Cassius Fernandes on Drums and Sujit Kumar on Vocals.

Howard Pereira
Howard Pereira

The Guide chatted with their guitarist, Howard Pereira. Inception of the band The band was formed two years back by the musicians who wanted to play some good music and give tribute to several good artistes. So, we started by playing covers of big artistes from ‘60s and so on!

Kickstart freedom
Kickstart freedom

Enjoying the music
Basically we all play music for the fun and entertainment factor associated with it. Our band does not believe in giving messages or talking about the government through our songs. The USP of our band is that we play for enjoyment of ourselves and of the crowd too.

All musicians at one point or the other are influenced by some artiste. As a band in which everyone is influenced by some kind of music, we sit together, jot down our interests and inspire ourselves.

Prepare for some good covers
We have played in the city several times and we are bowled over by the knowledge audience here has about music. Be it Hard Rock or Old School Rock, music lovers here understand it all. Students make up for most of the crowd, it makes for a great fun factor to perform in front of them. This time we are going to play covers of songs by bands such as Pink Floyd and Guns N Roses.

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