Kids get their own online world

Apr 18, 2013, 05:01 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Worldoo is a new online community dedicated to kids aged 6-12, offering games, videos, photos and tons of other valuable information

At a time when life on the Web is becoming a reality, it’s no surprise that an Indian company has launched a new (reportedly, India’s first) online portal dedicated only to kids from age 6-12. Worldoo, as it is referred to, is an expanded version of a kid’s imagination, loosely based on community games you would have played on Facebook like Farmville, but built with an aim to help kids interact with each other and at the same time learn, share and explore the world around them through a host of interactive games, puzzles, challenges, pictures and videos.

Worldoo is made up of small centres of fun and recreation

Kids can sign in using their parents’ email ID, and the membership is confirmed only after the parents approve it (it lasts without confirmation for three days). But the ease of doing so made us concerned: at an age when they should be out in the playgrounds, would you want your kids to interact with unknown individuals, who, well may not have good intentions? I doubt so, but with a bit of close monitoring by parents, Worldoo could make it a safe place to be.

Apart from that, the information provided catches your attention, and makes the website an interesting portal for information. Like the visuals provided at National Geographic Network’s home — but it needs to work on the naming of the pictures (perhaps including their real names and not just calling them a ‘bird’).  

When we reviewed the website, it wasn’t fully functional — several links (photos as well as videos) were broken, which can be frustrating for a new user. We also found the language too formal to appeal to kids in the age bracket. At times, the brands that Worldoo is promoting appear pluggish, but this could be an adult perspective. Apart from that, it looks like a fun place to be.

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