Kids give thumbs-up to PHL-style hockey league

May 09, 2012, 09:24 IST | Sundari Iyer

The Premier Hockey League (PHL) may not be played anymore, but the event which was last held in 2008, has inspired the Mumbai School Sports Association (MSSA) to conduct a two-day hockey event for kids.

The inaugural edition of the MSSA School Hockey League is being held at the St Stanislaus Ground in Bandra. 

Action from a MSSA School Hockey League match between Mumbai Wizards and Mumbai Tigers at St Stanislaus Ground in Bandra. Pic/Sunil Tiwari

MSSA’s organising secretary N Chandrashekhar explained the format: “Our main intention of initiating a league like this is to ensure that players from different schools in Mumbai play in one team. We selected talented hockey players from different schools and divided them into three teams. It is a franchise-based league. We invited three outstation teams and divided the six teams in two pools. The leader of each pool will play the final.”

Rohit Sathbhai, captain of one of the teams, Nashik Panthers, said: “In Nashik, we hardly get to play two or three local tournaments in a year. We are a weak side compared to other participating teams. But playing with them gives us the confidence to work hard and come back stronger next year.”

The kids could be in for some prize money too. The participating teams: Mumbai Tigers, Mumbai Rhema Zions, Mumbai Wizards, Pune Lions, Nashik Panthers and Thane Strikers.

Results: Pune Lions 1 (Anand Pawar) drew with Thane Strikers 1 (Pradeep Vehale); Mumbai Tigers 2 (Rohit Gaikwad, Aradhya Deolkar) beat Mumbai Rhema Zions 1 (Marc D’Souza); Pune Lions 8 (Aniket A 3, Anand Pawar 2, Som Veer 2, Vrushab Avadh 1) beat Nashik Panthers 1 (Rohit Sathbhai 1); Thane 3 (Pradeep Vehale, Deepesh Patil, Karan Dhangar) bt Nashik 2 (Rohit Jagtap, Rohit Sathbhai). 

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