Kids learn 'big' lesson in Mickey's workshop

Jul 23, 2013, 02:06 IST | The Centrestage Team

They might not have gone home taller but the 20 lucky kids who attended holistic health guru Mickey Mehta's 'Grow Taller Workshop' on Sunday at his Babulnath gym in association with MiD DAY, truly enjoyed the experience.

This was what the workshop, a part of Mickey’s ‘Swast Mumbai Mast Mumbai’ campaign for MiD DAY, aspired to do. It gave the young participants a new and big perspective of life. The youngest participant was a five-year-old boy and the oldest a girl of 18 years. With their parents watching them keenly, these participants and the others joined an energetic Mickey in specialised exercises to stimulate height.

These included wall climbing, imaginary swimming and breathing exercises to achieve focus and concentration. There was Yoga for posture correction. They also did a session of pranayam and gave 100 per cent to the exercises.

Mickey interacted with the parents and advised them to encourage their children to play outdoors. He advised the parents to be patient with their kids even when they fail, as failures are a learning experience for them.

Certificates were distributed to Vihit Shah, Asra Vaid and Madni Vaid who successfully completed the Mickey Mehta Grow Taller programme that was held earlier. They achieved a two cm height growth in two months. 

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