'Kidswear doesn't mean only bright colours'

Jan 17, 2014, 12:55 IST | Dhara Vora

3 Questions with Fashion Designer Nishka Lulla

1. What are the key elements of your collection for India Kids Fashion Week?
It will be travel wear for kids. The collection is comfortable yet versatile. It’s something that kids can run around in, wear it at day or night and yet look stylish. The colour palate is maroon, ink blue, olive and peach pink, and I have included a lot of separates such as crop tops, tutu skirts and comfortable trousers so kids can mix and match with bright colours if they like. You will also see prints such as postacrd prints and cheques. Kidswear does not mean only bright colours; we need to understand this fact while dressing them up.

Sketches for the collection by Nishka Lulla

2. What do you think about the options available for kids dressing in the city?
The market has definitely grown in the past few years and the options have increased too. I have been working with kids since 2010. There is a large demand for kidswear mainly because they grow out of their clothes.

3. You design for kids and adults. What is the basic difference between the two?
As per my design sense, the key elements are the same — comfort, flexibility and clean cuts. But for kids, we have to pay special attention to the comfort level and the fabrics so they don’t develop rashes; care must also be taken about embellishments. The designing needs to be very careful.

Nishka Lulla will be showcasing her collection at the finale on January 19

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