Kill time with these puzzle game apps

Jul 31, 2013, 11:01 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Looking for ways to pass time? Download these exciting puzzle games and challenge yourself while you maneuver through trash boxes, and chips on a board

A rusty superhero of the future
If you liked the simple, hardworking and rusted service robot from Wall-E, who helped bring humans back to the Earth, you will love Robo5, a 3D action puzzle game, even more. Set in the world of future, Robo5 is a simple, yet addictive game with amazing visuals.

The game starts with you helping the mechanical hero escape the freezing cold of the lab, and slowly progresses to newer levels while you help him find his way to the top of tall piles of boxes, passing every hurdle in the way. You are required to pull, push and drag the boxes, and as each level passes you discover newer secrets and challenges including some hidden levels.

Currently available only for Android, Robo5, created by Animoca, is available for free download. Though the free version offers only two unlocked chapters, it’s enough to get you hooked into this rusty robot’s adventurous  journey of self-discovery. To unlock the rest of the chapters and several other hidden levels, you will have to purchase the game, which is available at a discounted price of 99cents -- approximately R59 -- (MRP $1.99). The full version also gives you access to our hero’s diary where he chronicles his journey every day.

Price $0.99 (approx Rs 59)
Available at Google Play and Amazon App store

Chain and match
Some of the most addictive games are the most simple. And, Chip Chain is one of them. The idea behind the game is very simple -- create a chain of three similar number chips to earn a more valuable chip, and then chain them together to earn bonus points. But it’s not that easy either.

The dealer throws chips on your way to prevent you from making chains, including X chips, which can’t be chained. But don’t worry, you also get three bonus cards -- Sub, Add and Pick -- to help you through the hurdles. These cards can be earned by creating successive matches; you could also purchase them in exchange of gems. You earn gems along with points after completing a game. As you progress through the game, the dealer introduces new chips like the black chip, which can’t be moved.

The game can be played in four different modes -- Timed, Short, Long and Daily -- of which two to three modes are available daily for play. There’s also the Learn mode, to help you practice.

With the Daily mode, you can compete with friends for maximum points. Overall, it’s a fun game that will keep you hooked to your phone for a long time.

Price Free
Available at Google Play as well as iTunes Store 

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