Kim Kardashian struggles with baby weight

Aug 08, 2013, 04:34 IST | IANS

Socialite Kim Kardashian, who welcomed daughter North West last month, is finding it hard to get back into shape

Kim's mother Kris Jenner said on her talk show “Kris”, that her daughter is doing “eating really well, working out a little bit and nursing” to lose as much weight as she can, but a friend of the Kardashian family says Kim isn’t seeing immediate results.

“As far as Kim’s weight is concerned, she’s got a way to go,” quoted a source as saying.

“She lost quite a bit of weight initially when she first started breast feeding, but it’s especially tough losing those extra baby pounds. She is still breast feeding and wants to continue for as long as she can.

"Although Kim might not be seeing the results she’d like to be seeing right away, we’re glad to hear she is healthily doing what she can to lose the weight,” the source added.

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