King Khan's 'stock' is rising!

Jun 26, 2012, 06:29 IST | Jigar Shah

It looks like KKR's IPL win has prompted King Khan to try his luck in listing his company at the stock market

Close on the heels of his team’s victory at this year’s IPL, it appears that Shah Rukh Khan is looking to extend his winning streak to the stock market as well. Word is that SRK plans to list his media company at the stock exchange in order to rake in some moolah to support the ongoings at the production house and to consolidate his interests in television, sports and even special effects in Bollywood.

And while SRK has been putting in most of the money into his ventures from his own pockets, buzz is that this attempt at the stock markets is being made to ease the financial burden. 

Our sources close to his production company tell us, “Shah Rukh had planned to take his company public. The company is not only a film making division but it is also a major stake holder in the Kolkata franchise of IPL.” In fact, SRK is the only team owner who doesn’t have his own public listed company, unlike other team owners.

Sources from the Bombay Stock Exchange tell us, “Shah Rukh’s company had planned an Initial Public Offering (IPO) which was supposed to coincide with his mega budget venture RA.One. But given the market conditions then, it was decided that it wasn’t the right thing to do at that moment.” In fact, we hear that his new office building in Khar was also built in a great rush for the impending IPO.

Now, with his team winning this year’s IPL and his career going the right way again, sources suggest that he might start working on the IPO all over again. Sources close to him say, “Shah Rukh wants to diversify into sports; he recently shown an interest in purchasing a football team.”

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