Kiran More recollects: I had to watch out for Sachin's sleepwalking

Oct 14, 2013, 11:48 IST | TCM

Sachin Tendulkar is bidding farewell to his first love � cricket. I don't think at the moment there is any other sports news as important as this one.

Kiran MoreHe has been and will remain a treasure for Indian cricket and a great ambassador for world cricket. You will not find a single controversy across the legendary cricketer’s name. Sachin has always let his bat do the talking and that’s what makes him extraordinary.


Sachin has set a great example for others to follow. Every cricketer should take inspiration from his determination, dedication and hard working nature that has taken him to the zenith. I don’t think we will see another player of his caliber even in the next 100 years.

Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin Tendulkar celebrates his century at Perth in 1992. Pic/AFP.

Sachin entered the Indian team at a very young age in 1989 and I was his senior then. He was an innocent and shy guy even then. I remember sharing the room with him in Pakistan during one of the tournaments and many don’t know that he used to sleepwalk. Our room was on the terrace and had no fencing which is why we were very concerned about Sachin’s safety. I made sure he didn’t leave the room at night. Once, he was wearing a new bracelet and when we woke up the next morning, the bracelet was weirdly crooked. I wonder what he did to it in his sleep.

Even though I was his senior, we shared some good moments together. I also remember Anjali once sending him a bouquet which I had to receive and later handover to him.

Sachin’s one innings that remains close to my heart is his knock (114) at Perth (February 1992). We shared a crucial hundred-run partnership against Australia and that is very special to both of us. At the other end, I stood amazed at the kind of strokes he played that day. He was just brilliant and left everyone, including the likes of Allan Border, Mark Taylor and Dean Jones, awestruck. The best thing about Sachin though is his humble and grounded nature. He is very organised and respects his kit and game a lot. It is for this reason he is called ‘God.’

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