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Mar 10, 2013, 10:43 IST | Kaveri Waghela

Always wanted to buy quirky but classy gifts for your friends or family but didn't know where to go? Roti Kapda Makaan, a new lifestyle store in Lower Parel that sells much more than just life's essentials, finds KAVERI WAGHELA

In 2009, Sneha Raisoni quit her high-profile finance job to launch Tappu Ki Dukaan — a small lifestyle store nestled in a corner of South Mumbai that sold everything from soda bottle openers to Bollywood themed pillowcases. Very soon, it achieved cult status as a concept store.

 Four years later, Raisoni has teamed up with Henal Mehta to launch Roti Kapda Makaan —another new lifestyle store in Raghuvanshi Mills, Lower Parel.

 A colourful display of products at the Roti Kapda Makaan store at Raghuvanshi Mills in Lower Parel. Pic/ Datta Kumbhar

Raisoni describes this one as an extension of her previous store. “There were so many things like furniture, clothing even food that I wanted to include in Tappu ki Dukaan that was not possible due to space constraints. With Roti Kapda Makaan, we have included all the aspects that are an indispensable part of human life, only in a slight quirky manner,” she says.

It was necessity that made her set up the store, she says. “There is a serious dearth of affordable gift shops in Mumbai let alone shops that sell quirky or vintage stuff.” The store is spread across 550 square feet and is entirely done up in bright yellow to keep up with the quirky image. It also has small pantry that offers light breakfast like bagels and cookies.

The products mainly come from indie-designers like Art feet, Lab and Design Gandhi —well known. The main concept of the store is that the products are multi-purpose. There is a wooden chair that can be used as a ladder, a chocolate spoon that when dipped in milk melts into comforting hot chocolate and a motorcycle handle that doubles up as a lampshade. Mehta explains, “We all know there are space constraints in Mumbai. We wanted to create a hub for things that are reusable and multi purpose.”

But establishing a den of all these quirky but useful things was not easy. Finding a suitable place, for starters, was the most difficult task. Getting licenses was tough too, says Mehta.

Since they opened last month, the duo have been getting good feedback from their customers. “We like it when customers write to us telling how much they love the store. We are even open to suggestions that will help us improve our service,” she says.

Ask them about their future plans and Raisoni answers with a smile, “We have just opened our store. We want to take each day as it comes.”

Where: Roti Kapda Makaan, 2nd floor, Reproscan, Raghuvanshi Mills, 11/12, S.B. Marg, Lower Parel West 

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