Kitten trapped in wheel hub saved with sex lubricant

May 25, 2012, 11:23 IST | ANI

A kitten was freed after it got her head stuck in a car wheel by using a sex lubricant

The ten-week-old cat got her head wedged in a wheel hub, but quick-thinking RSPCA officers rubbed KY jelly into her neck to free her.

The kitten — nicknamed Alloy by her rescuers — was taken to the nearby Birmingham Animal Hospital, and is expected to make a full recovery.

“I tried to free Alloy at the scene using margarine but it was impossible so I knew I was going to need help,” the Sun quoted RSPCA inspector Herchran Boal as saying.

“I took her to the animal hospital where after about one hour we finally managed to get her free using KY jelly. I did at one point think I was going to have to take the tyre to the fire service so Alloy could be cut free so it was such a relief when she was successfully freed.

“Despite being really frightened she was hissing and spitting at me because she is a feral kitten and hadn’t been handled before.

“The fantastic news is she is doing well and after lots of handling and tender loving care she will be moved over to our animal centre next door for rehoming which means she is going to have a really different life from the one she would have had.

“Kittens are naturally curious animals and they will explore as Alloy did,” Boal said.

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