5-km walk, 20-min speech

Aug 22, 2012, 06:37 IST | A Correspondent

A more mellowed and mature Raj Thackeray was on display during yesterday's protest. But the MNS chief did occasionally display his true form. Here are some excerpts from his speech

Who are these people (the rioters)? They are migrants, who have come from UP and Bihar and that is why they voted for (Samajwadi Party MLA) Azmi

Raj Thackeray

This (Aug 11 violence) will not be tolerated and limits cannot be crossed. If anybody dares to raise their eyes at Maharashtra, we will not allow it

Do not attack policemen. Even when my MLA was assaulted, I had told him and all my people that whatever happens, never attack the police

What were the police doing with a hockey stick at a juice centre? If there were drugs found at that place then it should be shut down. Why are the police mum on the attacks and molestation of female cops?

Where were Ramdas Athawale, Mayawati, Prakash Ambedkar when Muslims from Pakistan and Bangladesh desecrated the statue of Buddha, in Lucknow?

Just because my protest rally is about an earlier rally held by Muslims, I am accused of following the Hindutva ideology… 

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