Knockout punch? First Anadita Patel broke the internet, then it broke her

Jun 05, 2016, 17:35 IST | mid-day online correspondent

Twitterati trolled Anadita Patel to instant notoriety for her faux pas on Muhammad Ali and kept laughing to the point of making her disappear. Here's how the drama unfolded...

It is a sad commentary of times that sometimes we laugh so hard on someone’s faux pas that it makes them cry. People nowadays can troll somebody to the breaking point.

On Saturday, the ‘GOAT’ – ‘Greatest of all Time’ boxer Muhammad Ali passed away and people across the planet were mourning his loss. A Twitter user in India, Anadita Patel, looking to join the bandwagon posted, “RIP Mohammad Ali. The greatest footballer of all time better than Maradona, Messi and Ronaldo.”

Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali

Now, leave aside the spelling mistake and grammatical error in the post, her deciding to name Ali the “greatest footballer of all time” got her instant notoriety.

People started making fun of her and trolling her after her tweet went viral. She responded with an apology.

Ms Patel broke the internet. Websites did articles on her

But trolling on social media can be like a runaway train – once it starts something, it as if the brakes have failed. Collision is inevitable.

And that’s what happened.

After her 15 minutes of fame (infamy actually), she disappeared. She deleted her Twitter account.

It was just her misfortune that her tweet went viral and no that of someone else who had made a mistake. Take for example this one which has the image of Samuel L Jackson while paying homage to Ali.

And social media while having a field day over Kerala Industry and Sports Minister EP Jayarajan’s obituary reference on the late boxing legend never flayed him to the point of resignation.

Senior CPI-M leader, Jayarajan by virtue of being the new sports minister, was asked by a TV channel in Thiruvananthapuram for his reaction to the death of Ali. He said, "Ali was an eminent sports personality of Kerala and is one who has won a gold medal thereby raising Kerala's position in the world."

Here are some of the Tweets on Anandita Patel

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