Know-it-all and idea stealing boss 'most hated by employees'

Jun 27, 2012, 12:36 IST | ANI

A new survey has found what employees say about their seniors behind their backs

According to the survey from Citrix of more than 1,000 American office workers, nearly 75 percent said they have at least one company event they secretly dislike.

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34 percent said they most dislike office costume contests, followed by 31 percent who said they dislike team-building activities.

Female workers especially despise staff photos and male workers have the most disdain for office baby showers.

While teamwork may be the goal, more than half of respondents said they work with a “know-it-all” and another 44 percent said they work with a “whiner”.

51 percent said a “constant complainer” would be the most annoying type of person to sit beside each day.

The respondents also said that the worst type of boss is one who steals their ideas, followed by a boss that knows it all, Fox News reported.

33 percent said they actually schedule time off around their boss’ vacations, in order to maximize the time they will spend apart.

What’s more, this is being done by executive and manager-level workers at a rate of 39 percent, compared to only 27 percent of mid-and junior-level workers.

Many workers would also like the chance to work from home, although the majority has not had the opportunity. Respondents said they would give up lunch breaks, alcohol and coffee in order to work from home just one day a week.

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