Kohinoor Restaurant, camp

Apr 16, 2013, 23:54 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Popular hangouts near Pune's landmarks

With a history that goes back a hundred years, Kohinoor Restaurant has come a long way but they still retain their original offerings. Owned by Ali Jafri, the restaurant has an Irani connection as it was founded by Irani citizens who had migrated to India.

Malai Bun Maska and tea. Pic/ Imzanglu Aier

Famous for their Bun Maska, Jelly Maska and Irani style tea, Kohinoor offers you a hearty breakfast early in the morning. Adjacent to the busy MG Road, the restaurant caters to the enthusiastic joggers of the city with its special Malai (cream) and Bun-Pav from 4.30 am in the morning till the malai is in stock.

They have people visiting them only for the specially made tea. They have been serving it in the same Irani style since the inception of the restaurant. Many cafes have opened up since then and they now offer a variety of beverages, but they don’t want to tweak their menu too much as it is loved by their patrons.

During our visit, we spotted customers who had been visiting the restaurant over the last four decades and still find the taste of the tea and Bun-Maska-Pav the same as earlier. Kohinoor also serves Pudding, Plum Cake and Bun-Maska Omelette which is most famous among their international patrons. 

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