Kohli confused about obstructing the field rule

Oct 17, 2011, 08:22 IST | IANS

Virat Kohli perplexed by the new playing conditions ahead of today's second ODI against England

Virat Kohli perplexed by the new playing conditions ahead of today's second ODI against England 

India's middle-order batsman Virat Kohli said yesterday that the new playing rules introduced by the International Cricket Council (ICC) are confusing but would make the game interesting. The new rules, which were approved by the ICC Executive Board following proposals made by the ICC Cricket Committee at its meeting in London in May, came into effect with the five-match ODI series between India and England.

Red hot from: Virat Kohli works on his throwing during a net session
at Hyderabad recently. Pic/AFP

Local boy Kohli said the rules are good but confusing. He said India had some problems in getting used to the new regulations during the first ODI against England in Hyderabad on Friday. "It might turn out to be more interesting and exciting eventually, but in the first match it was very confusing. We forgot to hand over the ball to the umpire during the first match.

The rules are good but some are confusing as well. The run out rule has also changed but it is still vague," said Kohli at the Feroz Shah Kotla on the eve of today's second ODI. Kohli, however, said that new run out rules would make matches interesting.

"Matches will be more exciting. In crucial circumstances if you get a run out it may change the course of the match," said Kohli. According to new rules, on appeal from the fielders, if the umpire feels that a batsman, while running between the wickets, has significantly changed his direction without probable cause (to save his wicket) when a fielder attempts to run the batsman out, should be given out "obstructing the field". It shall not be relevant whether a run out would have been effected or not.

For making a decision to declare the batsman out obstructing the field, the on-field umpires may consult the third-umpire. Among other changes, each fielding team shall have two new balls for its innings, to be used in alternate overs. The mandatory change of the ball after the 34th over of an innings will not take place anymore.

The Powerplay rules have also been changed. The two Powerplay blocks, which the bowling team and the batting team opt for after the end of first 10 overs of mandatory Powerplay can not be taken earlier than the 16th over nor be completed later than the 40th over. This restriction will not apply for reduced innings of scheduled duration of less than 40 overs. The minimum interval for an uninterrupted ODI match has been increased from 20 minutes to 30 minutes.

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