Konkan Bhavan officials spend a day in water, without power

Jun 13, 2013, 00:15 IST | Nigel Buthello

A blocked drainage pipe coupled with a heavy downpour earlier this week resulted in waterlogging in the building compound

Officegoers at Konkan Bhavan in Belapur were in for an unpleasant surprise on Monday morning when they reached their offices and found the building compound flooded with water. While, heavy rainfall was one of the causes, the other was a blocked drainage pipe in the building. 

Water, water everywhere: Officegoers and visitors at Konkan Bhavan in Belapur had to wade through water to get in and out of the building complex

The compound was flooded with water, with its level rising up to 8-10 inches. Water had entered the offices located on the ground floor, which were later closed down until all the water was pumped out.

A B Chavan, head of maintenance, whose office was also located on the ground floor said, “When I saw water entering my office, I immediately closed it down.”

An official working at the Bhavan on condition of anonymity said, “I am not aware about when the drainage pipe was blocked, but since yesterday was a holiday the clogging may have occurred long ago but came to our notice only this morning.”

After probing further, it was found that a blocked drainage pipe had caused waterlogging in the building compound. The pipe, which was directly in the way of the Metro Railway Project, was blocked due to accumulated mud inside the pipe.

“On finding out that the block was caused at the Metro Railway site, I went there and made them dig out a different route to make sure the drainage pipe had an outflow,” said Chavan. The water was drained out from most parts of the compound by 4 pm.

The power supply to the building was cut off in order to prevent a possible short circuit. Power supply was cut around 10 in the morning and was only restored post 4.

Since, power to the entire building was cut, most of the offices could not use computers and other office equipment that runs on electricity.

Officegoers also claimed that this was the first time since 26/7 that such a major clogging had occurred and hope it doesn’t happen again. Normal office work resumed smoothly around 5 pm in the evening. 

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