Konkan railway delay forces commuters to take the bus

Aug 28, 2014, 07:39 IST | Pooja Kalwar

As long-distance trains on Konkan railway line continue to get delayed by as much as 10 hours, MSRTC has arranged 328 extra buses leaving for various towns in Konkan from Mumbai and Thane

After the train derailment four days ago, long distance trains on the Konkan railway line have been running at a snail’s pace. Trains have been getting delayed by as much as 10 hours, stranding passengers on platforms, who were looking forward to being at home to celebrate Ganesh festival with their family.

After the derailment was cleared, rail authorities carried out mega block to repair the 500-metre stretch, which has affected the schedule of trains running on it. On Wednesday, the long-distance trains on the Konkan line were late for 8-10 hours. While some passengers were seen patiently waiting at CST and Dadar platforms, most decided to opt for the bus instead.

To reduce dependence on trains, MSRTC has arranged 328 extra buses leaving for various towns in Konkan from Borivli, Mumbai Central, Thane and Parel. The buses started from the city at 4pm, and are expected to reach their destination within 8 hours.

Official speak
“After the derailment of goods train on August 24, the trains have been running late on the Konkan railway route, as about 500 meters of track was damaged and for now, temporary sleepers and rails have been laid.

We are currently working to place new sleepers and rails on the track. For now, we have stopped the movement of goods trains to reduce congestion and the issue of delay would be resolved soon,” informed V Patange, Chief Public Relation Officer of Konkan Railways.

Bon voyage
Mumbai Central: 100 
Parel: 88 
Borivli: 55 
Thane: 86 
**No of buses for Konkan on Wednesday

Traffic in the city
On Wednesday, the city witnessed traffic snarls on various roads, as residents came out for shopping and huge Ganesh idols were being transported by mandals. Slow moving traffic was reported in areas of Dadar and Chembur


Suresh Nandedkar (43), travelling to Ratnagiri
I went to Dadar station to board the 11.30 pm Konkankanya express, but the train was running late by eight hours. I thought of taking an ST bus as the train is now expected to leave Dadar at 7.30 am tomorrow (Thursday).

Vijay Gawde (40), travelling to Vengurla with his family
I usually take a train, but I heard that there was a long delay, and decided to take a bus instead as I wanted to reach my village on time.

Diksha Lorekar (40), to Devgad with her husband and son
My husband prefers to travel by train, but this time we had to reach early for the festival and therefore decided to take the bus. We have to carry decorative items for the idol in our village.

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