Kristina Akheeva rushes to the rescue of a street dog in London

Apr 03, 2013, 08:34 IST | Urmimala Banerjee

The new find of the Deols, Kristina Akheeva has a special corner for canines

The actress rescued an injured dog in Birmingham, London where she was shooting for her upcoming release.

Kristina Akheeva

The injured stray dog, a mix between a Pomeranian and mongrel, was roaming near the sets of her film. On spotting it, Kristina called up the animal rescue centre and made sure that the dog received timely treatment.

She says, “The dog was injured and looking very unwell. I love pooches and just couldn’t bear to see it suffering. I was so relieved to know that it was getting the treatment and care it needed.”

The film’s cast and crewmembers were touched by Kristina’s kind gesture. Her co-stars also lauded her efforts. The Deol family also has a canine connection. Bobby and Abhay are famous for their love for their pets. In fact, Abhay had three dogs at home as a child.
Kristina’s love for dogs started when she was a kid. Her parents bred bullmastiffs, and she has inherited their affection and passion. In fact, the actress is quite adept in caring for dogs and even understanding their psychology.

A source says, “She would love to have a pet dog in her Mumbai residence but is unable to do so due to her frequent shoots and erratic travelling schedules. She doesn’t want to have a dog at home feeling lonely and neglected. But for her, a dog is the perfect companion.”  

It’s a dog’s life!
It seems our phoren girls are doing their bit for caring for strays. Sunny Leone also took part in a campaign urging people to take on homeless dogs as pets. Kristina too likes to do her bit for strays as and when she gets the opportunity and time. “I want to lavish my affection on whichever dog I see till the time I get one home as a pet,” signs off the lady.  

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