Labour of love

Sep 15, 2015, 08:01 IST | the guide team

World Wide Work, is a video series curated by French artist Anne Maniglier that explores the theme of labour and how our vision has changed with globalisation. Here’s what to expect from this special screening

  No Wind (2011)
This short black and white film by Nira Pereg explores the phenomenon of  human billboards as it appeared on the streets of San Diego, USA in 2011.

Through the film, No Wind (2011), Pereg explores how a concept, borrowed from the language of protest, is turned into a form of advertisement. Although a documentary, the style of Pereg’s editing is both poetic and strongly political, providing a sympathetic and refreshing perspective on the video’s subjects.

Philippe (2008) and Labor Market (2003)
Fayçal Baghriche stages himself as a man looking for a job in Paris in two tragi-comic videos —  Labor Market (2003) and Philippe (2008).

A still from the film, Phillipe (2008) by Fayçal Baghriche

In Labor Market, the filmmaker explores how subway cars (Paris metro) have emerged as a powerful tool to transmit a message, including for unemployed individuals like him to offer their services.

A still from the film, Labor Market (2003) by Fayçal Baghriche
A still from the film, Labor Market (2003) by Fayçal Baghriche

Labor Market shows how spaces like these are occupied by people in need and marginal people without resources. Phillippe explores the same subject, but in a different manner.

Stealing Beauty (2007)
In Stealing Beauty (2007), filmmaker Guy Ben Ner takes his family to live in stores run by a multinational group that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture.

Stealing Beauty

Without permission, Ben Ner installed himself, his wife, and their two children in the model rooms of the furniture company in its stores across the world. The film is captured by a camcorder set on auto mode on their visit to these stores. Most scenes last until the company staff throws everyone out. The result is this bitingly crackpot, politically poignant 18-minute video.

Real Snow White (2009)
Is the Walt Disney character Snow White, the real Snow White, or the one we expect her to be? This is a question that Pilvi Takala asks in her cynical video, Real Snow White (2009).

Real Snow White

The film follows Takala, while she tires to enter Disneyland, dressed in a costume of Snow White. The film shows how the guards and Disneyland management uses Snow White’s character as an excuse to prevent her, dressed as Snow White, from entering the park.
On: September 16, 7 pm onwards
At: What About Art?, Flat no 07, first floor, Baitush Apartments, 29th Road, Bandra (W).
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Entry: Free

Anne Maniglier

About the curator
Anne Maniglier is a curator and photographer from France. She has worked in newspapers and news agencies for many years and also with the photography agency, Magnum. In 2007, Maniglier settled in India, and started to curate and manage emerging Indian artists in between India, Europe and the US. She is currently based in Paris. World Wide Work is a compilation of five videos that have been made by four different artists from different parts of the world.
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