Labourers kidnap contractor to recover unpaid wages

Jul 03, 2012, 06:44 IST | Vinay Dalvi

Bhandup police are searching for a sub contractor who was kidnapped by his own workers after a construction deal went sour.

According to police, the sub contractor did not pay the workers their wages, and this angered them, prompting them to kidnap him and demand the money from his family members as ransom.

Naresh Viyala had taken up a contract for re-development of some buildings in Bhandup (W). “As Viyala found that the workers he had brought from West Bengal were not working properly, he asked them to leave and brought some new workers to replace them,” said Shrirang Nadgouda, senior police inspector of Bhandup police station.

However, when the workers came to know that Viyala had brought in new labourers, they returned and started asking Viyala for their dues. As they had not worked properly, Viyala refused to pay them any money. “After meeting him, they finally convinced Viyala to at least drop them at the station, and on the way, kidnapped him. They have called Viyala’s son, asking him to deposit Rs 1 lakh in a bank account, failing which they would kill Viyala,” said a police officer from Bhandup police station.

The Bhandup police and the crime branch had formed special teams to trace Viyala and the kidnappers who are frequently moving in the city, and have managed to nab some of the kidnappers.

“We will soon arrest all the kidnappers and rescue Viyala,” said a crime branch officer. 

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