Lady Gaga 'unable to turn off outrageous stage persona during sex'

Jul 28, 2013, 23:39 IST | ANI

Lady Gaga has become such a slave to her outrageous stage persona that she is unable to turn it off even when she is having sex, according to reports.

The members of her inner circle said that the 27-year-old singer’s bizarre and kinky antics are threatening to put her career in jeopardy.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga. Pic/Santa Banta

One friend said that Gaga has completely lost her mind.

The pal also revealed that she has convinced herself that she is the alter ego that her fans see on stage.

The friend asserted that nowadays even her mother calls her Gaga and the music sensation is unable to tell difference between reality and performance.

The pal explained that Gaga is living her entire life in the alternate universe that she has created.

The former crew member even revealed that she beds men while putting on an extravagant Gaga-style ‘performance’ replete with odd stuff, the sun reported.

The pal also said that’s she loves to have sex where there is a chance of a stranger catching her in the act.

The friend also said that she doesn’t take a ‘no’ for an answer if she sees a guy whom she fancies.

The friend also revealed that Gaga dumped her old flame for the actor who played him in her video for her track ‘You and I.’ 

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