Lalit Modi's tweets

May 12, 2013, 01:28 IST | Agencies

* Funny we in BCCI don't allow players association 2 B formed in India. We don't recognise FICA. ALL Other countries have players unions...

* I am trying to understand this bizarre decision. We have an Indian ex player. Who works for India cement to represent global players bodies

* But those player bodies talk 2 each other via FICA. & India has never spoken 2 them. How will Siva Do a job of representing players

* I may be dumb. But will ICC explain to the players and FICA - how there voice if at all any will be heard. I hope they realise the players are not only the lifeline to the game, but to there big fat check books too. Players and player bodies wake up.

* So let’s hope this independent ICC Ethics committee who should not have any Indian member comes out with there report soon

* Breaking News - Just heard from one of my friends. Bcci president has ensured No ethics committee will be going into the Tim May issue

* So expect ICC not to appoint this committee. And expect a friendly country to India announcing some lame excuse why Tim May or FICA

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