Lara Dutta likes it light

May 21, 2012, 06:27 IST | Gauri Pradhan

As the world talks about celeb moms in Bollywood and how they are losing their post pregnancy weight, CS catches up with Lara Dutta to find out her way of handling the pregnancy-related issues. Here's what Lara has to say:

A yoga fan
I have been a yoga practitioner for the last 12 years and when I got pregnant I felt no need to stop my practice. The body undergoes many changes during pregnancy. So, any yoga routine being practiced, needs to be modified into a specific prenatal routine. Prenatal yoga is a modified version of the regular yoga, as some asanas cannot be performed the usual way during pregnancy. It is developed to benefit both, the mother as well as baby in the womb and is to be performed only under guidance of a certified instructor.

Who: Lara Dutta
What: Talks on losing her post-pregnancy weight

Weighty issue
I am back doing a combination of strength and cardio workouts at the gym and yoga with my instructor, as well as watching my diet. It is tough to lose post pregnancy weight, but I am pretty motivated to get back to my earlier shape. I always keep a pre-pregnancy pair of pants or jeans handy. It’s a great motivation to inspire me to get back in shape.

To each her own
A woman must take her time with everything. Pregnancy is an individual experience. The body will let you know when it is ready to get back to some form of exercise. Good old-fashioned advice really works. Postnatal massages for at least 40 days post delivery are quite helpful. Breastfeeding also burns calories. But postnatal routine must always be followed under guidance.

A bond of love
Motherhood exposes you to unconditional love that leaves you extremely vulnerable but also helps you put down all frivolous ideas about yourself and embrace the real you. Marriage of course makes you less selfish and I am enjoying both these phases. Having Saira in my life is a huge blessing and it makes everything worthwhile.

My ‘Me’ time
For 34 years, I had my ‘Me’ time. So, I am enjoying the focus being off ‘Me’ and on something that I love dearly as much as, if not more, than myself. Mahesh has always wanted kids and he is a natural at fathering. He’s good with handling Saira. 

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