Lara Dutta stands by Preity Zinta?

Jun 23, 2014, 12:47 IST | The Hitlist Team

Lara Dutta is apparently happy to see the bubbly actress Preity Zinta take a stand against her ex-beau Ness Wadia

Lara Dutta apparently supports Preity Zinta in her ongoing spat with former beau Ness Wadia. A source says, “When Lara was new in the industry, she became friends with Ness. But their tumultuous. Finally, she moved on."

Lara Dutta and Preity Zinta
Lara Dutta and Preity Zinta

A source says that Lara may be happily married, but looks like she will never forget the phase when she was dating Ness. “Once his company used her images for commercial purposes without informing her. The issue was solved amicably but Lara hasn’t forgotten it. She’s apparently happy that Preity is speaking out about Ness,” says the source.

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