Last chance for Mumbaikars to air their views about coastal entertainment hub

Aug 08, 2014, 08:31 IST | Shashank Rao

MbPT has proposed to set up a floating hotel, restaurant, water sports, on the Eastern Waterfront in the city

Unknown to the public, the government has asked for their opinion for the proposed leisure and entertainment hub around the waterfront and port area. According to the Mumbai Port Trust (MbPT), which has been assigned to plan and create the hub by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, the last date for receiving the views of public and experts is August 8.

The MbPT has planned to set up a floating hotel, restaurant, water sports, helipads, seaplane and waterways on the Eastern Waterfront, along with a Giant Ferris Wheel, on the lines of London Eye. The trust has already called for expression of interest from operators keen to work on the project.

The floating hotel is expected to be constructed near Ferry Wharf along Thane creek, around the area that can give proper anchorage. Sources said that they are planning a five-star hotel, which will also have a cruise liner. Similarly, floating restaurants would be established near Girgaum Chowpatty, Gateway of India and Ferry Wharf, where water levels are around 3-5 metres.

Landing and boarding points are yet to be finalised. “The last date for taking views of people on the plan was extended by a week. They can send their views at the address mentioned on our website,” said a senior MbPT official. At the same time, the opinions of city planners and transport experts has also been called for by port authorities to understand how they can utilise the huge tract of land they own.

A final report will be prepared and submitted to the Union Government. Earlier this month, the port authority had a meeting with planners, along with the Chairman of Mumbai Port Land Development Committee, Rani Jadhav. Sources said that while MbPT officials have agreed that there are encroachments on their plots, they do not have the authority to remove them.

“If the encroachments are removed, the state can then use the freed land to construct residential buildings for people. Also, allied infrastructure should be improved to cater to the large influx of people coming to the city,” said a planner.

For Feedback
If you would like to put forth your opinion to Mumbai Port Trust, you can send a letter to: Port House, Mumbai Port Trust, S V Marg. Mumbai: 400001

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