Last-minute checklist for the Mumbai Marathon

Jan 18, 2013, 00:58 IST | The Guide Team

> Invest in new shoes as older ones tend to wear out quickly and may result in injury. Do not wear tight shoes or you will end up with blisters. Pay attention to your foot alignment if you have flat feet or a high arch.

> Men and women on the heavier side should wear tights beneath their shorts or the friction between thighs will result in bad blisters. Wear socks with good sweat-absorbing capacity. Sunscreen is mandatory.

> Eat complex, healthy carbohydrates such like vegetables, bananas and baked sweet potatoes throughout the last week as binging on the last day might affect your sleeping pattern. Good sleep is a must. Opt for whole wheat pasta, if you prefer it.

> Stay hydrated. Sip on water throughout your training rather than at a go as you shouldn’t reach a stage where you feel thirsty. Replenish sodium levels of your body by adding electrolytes to your water.

— Tips courtesy: fitness expert Deanne Pandey.

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