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May 12, 2013, 08:51 IST | Phorum Dalal

Comedy Store's latest initiative, Comedy To Go, has a hilarious line up, including Ashish Shakya, Rohan Joshi and Atul Khatri, to make your summer holidays special

It's summer time, and holidays are on the agenda. Now, if you thought Gujaratis are the only ones who pack an entire bag of theplas and khakras, stand-up comedian Atul Khatri, who will perform at the Blue Frog as part of Comedy Store’s first initiative Comedy To Go tonight, begs to differ.

Stand-up artiste Atul Khatri

“Most comic acts are based around observation, and one topic with an endless pit of gems is the behavior of Indians when they go abroad. It being holiday time, I have a lot to share about their travel stories. That is one of the key elements in my script tonight, apart from the usual relationships, politics and current affairs,” says Khatri, who also keeps room for improvisation, depending on the crowd’s age, mood and reactions. Stand-up artistes Vipul Goyal and Daniel Fernandes will also perform tonight.

After the split of the joint venture with its Indian partner, Comedy To Go is the company's initiative which is touring Mumbai and Delhi. Simran Mulchandani, MD of Blue Frog, says, “The Comedy Store nights at Blue Frog will also be complete evenings, catering to a varied audience, with comedy in the early half of the night and music to complement that later on.”

Stand-up artiste Ashish Shakya will perform on Thursday. “Stand-up acts involve a little bit of everything from current affairs, society, people from different professions, politics. My style is purely observational on how people react to things around them,” he says.  

The schedule
May 12: Atul Khatri, Daniel Fernandes and Vipul Goyal at Blue Frog, Lower Parel
May 23: Azeem Banatwalla, Anubhav Pal and Rohan Joshi at St Andrews, Bandra
May 25: Varun Thakur, Ashish Shakya and Anuvab Pal at Blue Frog, Lower Parel
May 26: Anubhav Pal, Rohan Joshi and Rajneesh Kapoor at Lower Parel

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