Laughter is a powerful aphrodisiac

May 24, 2013, 14:55 IST | Soumya Mukerji

If all you share with your partner in bed is a snorey 'yawn' sambandh, or, let's say, your lovemaking sessions are super solemn instead of sizzling, you surely need a pep dose of the most zaniest, free-of-cost drug, laughter. Don't shrug it off played the right way, the comic card can give your relationship a never-before orgasmic high. Here's the how, why and what of this wonder aphrodisiac

Turning madhatter's a must
With the kind of daily strain we all suffer from, what could be better than a live session of laughter challenge between the sheets? Going giggly by living out fun fetishes and fuelling wild fantasies releases a happy hormone in the body called oxytocin that further makes you all cuddly and lovey-dovey, setting the ideal mood for effective foreplay. The quirkier and wackier, the better.

Sex and relationships, Laughter aphrodisiac

Carefree capers
Amusement filled ardour also helps you and your partner loosen up, let go of bodily and mental inhibitions and act in a freer, friendlier manner. Witty wisecracks and dumb deeds of perversion often prove to be a much sexier turn-on than the done to death candle-lighting and seductive song-play rituals. Most importantly, moments of mindless merriment help dissolve performance pressure, which otherwise poses the biggest threat to great passion play.

The close up effect
No, funning things up doesn't have to mean flashing your pearlies all the time; what we want to drill in is the fact that laughter is indeed the shortest distance between two people, especially when they're in love.

"It is important to lighten up things and indulge in funny nothings like tickling, teasing and playing hard to get in order to open up and feel greater intimacy," asserts sex and marriage therapist Dr Vinod Chebbi, because "both laughter and sex complement each other in giving the highest pleasures one can ever feel!" 

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