Learn about consumer rights at a grievance redressal camp in Navi Mumbai

Feb 12, 2016, 08:34 IST | Hassan M Kamal

The advertising industry says, you, the consumer, is king. But what when the king is cheated? A grievance redressal camp unfolds today to help you 'get back'

If you ordered a smartphone online and received only the charger, all we can offer you is symnpathy. But an upcoming workshop on consumer rights is where you should be headed if you are looking for retribution.

Whether it’s a bank or restaurant, an airline, e-commerce portal or telecom firm that has taken you for a ride, today’s consumer grievance redressal camp organised by the Consumer Guidance Society of India (CGSI) will show you the way ahead.

"This satellite city (Navi Mumbai; venue for the camp) is still settling down, and we have been receiving a lot of complaints from here. It’s why we chose to set up camp here," says Santosh Shukla, joint secretary, CGSI.

The camp will bring together professionals from various industries and trades as well as experts from the CGSI to address grievances of customers who have registered complaints. Those who haven’t managed to can sign up on the spot after offering an administrative service fee of Rs 150.

"Often, aggrieved consumers aren’t aware of the options available to them. Here, we hope to look at their specific problems and suggest possible solutions. It’s also an occasion to learn of processes they must follow when troubled by a service or product," he adds.

On: Today
At: MGM College, Sector 8, Phase II, Nerul, Navi Mumbai.
Call: 1800222262

Problems to be addressed at the camp

Banking and credit cards: Cheques not cleared in time, excessive billing in credit cards, money debits from ATMs without cash delivery.

Extra cooling charges for mineral water, unethical pricing (R99.90), selling near-expiry products, etc.

Delays in connecting flights, travel packages with poor service standards.

Excessively priced premium Tatkal tickets, tickets not booked after payment, poor food quality in railways.

Medical Services:
Nearly-expired medicines, offering expensive medicines despite availability of cheaper ones.

How to file an application, second appeal and complaint against government authorities.

Call drops, lack of signal, radiation.

Selling products at price above MRP.

Construction and real estate:
Poor quality of service, materials used or documentation and excessive fees, hidden charges, etc.

Online purchasing, electronics & Mobiles:
Store not exchanging products, ecommerce portals forcing customers to buy other products instead of returning cash, poor exchange policy, and selling fake products, etc.

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