Learn how to use your vocation to create a sustainable environment

Updated: Mar 06, 2018, 12:06 IST | The Guide Team

These guys will tell you how to use your vocation to create a sustainable environment

When work matters

Mumbai is the sort of city that often leaves its citizens with little time to think about how the nature of their profession is affecting the environment. But Khrisha Shah, who co-founded Dysco, a professional networking platform, says, "Some people are now gradually starting to find ways to make their businesses more sustainable for the planet, be it in tech, food or lifestyle. And we are seeing smaller start-ups cropping up in this space and gaining popularity simply because they are more conscious."

With that in mind, Dysco is organising an event called Vocation Redefined, where people who have made a successful shift towards a more eco-friendly work life will share their story with others in pursuit of achieving the same. So, you will have people like Bhushan Bagadia (in pic) discussing his career as an underwater photographer and marine life conservationist, and Raffael Kably talking about how he runs a yoga and surfing institute in Varkala, Kerala, along with his British business partners. Attend this one if, regardless of what your profession is, you think that there is an eco-warrior within you waiting to find its voice.

On March 11, 1 pm AT Ministry of New, Kitab Mahal, Fort.
Log on to insider.in
Cost Rs.500 to Rs.799

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