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Jul 06, 2012, 11:03 IST | The Guide Team

Take your pick from three unique workshops to attend ranging from understanding art to a heady Sufi whirling session and a workshop on dance and rhythm

Sufi Whirling & the Sacred Dances
If you thought going in circles would just make you go tizzy, attending this workshop on Sufi whirling will make you change your mind. The practice of whirling in meditation or physically active meditation has its origins in the quest of Sufi saints to acquire oneness with God and as a process of getting rid of one’s egos and personal desires. Dancer Zia Nath who specialises in fusing Sufi Whirling with Odissi will conduct this one-day workshop at Temperance: “The benefits of Sufi whirling differ from person to person. While some experience deep silence in their body others witness a rejuvenation of their whole body, which they have never seen before. It mainly helps gain a deeper exploration, stability and balance within ourselves through movement,” says the dancer. This introductory session will feature exercises from Sufi schools of dance, followed by turning techniques for Sufi Whirling Meditation on the beats of Turkish and Persian music. The session will end with a Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern cuisine lunch.

Dancer Zia Nath at Jahan-e-Khusrao World Sufi Music Festival. pic courtesy /  Muzaffar Ali

Pancha Jati in Indian Dance and Music
This workshop would interest those learning dance or music or anyone who pursues music as an in-depth hobby. Renowned Kathak dancer Pandit Chitresh Das will be conducting Pancha Jati — a workshop on Indian classical dance and music. The term Pancha Jati refers to the five different kinds of tempo — Tisra, Chatusra, Khanda, Misra and Sankirna used in Indian classical dance and music. Mathematics and arts mix together through the Pancha Jati and help compose different rhythmic patterns. At this workshop, you will be taught to combine different beats and explore the world of rhythm that is created by these combinations and improvisations. Dancers and musicians create their performances based on these patterns. The workshop should benefit musicians and dancers from both North and South Indian schools of dance.

Western Art and Aesthetics
If you thought looking at a Classical painting was never your cup of tea, this workshop on understanding the history of Western Art might enlighten you. The workshop conducted by the University of Mumbai will span over four days and cover four eras — Pre Historic Art, Greek/Roman Art, Renaissance Art and Contemporary Art. Get to know the important people who started different art movements, artists whose names have survived through the years and the characteristics of the artworks of each era through these workshops.

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