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Jun 05, 2013, 06:35 IST | Hassan M Kamal

With an aim to help kids build real gadgets, the Nuvu Studio, started by a group of MIT graduates, has come to Mumbai to conduct four special technology-based workshops for children from seven to 12 years of age

Kids can now learn how to create their own dancing robots, musical instruments, interactive couture, or experiment with storytelling using technologies developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University. The Nuvu Studio, a knowledge training company, started by a group of MIT students, has come down to Mumbai to train kids to find multi-disciplinary solutions to real-world challenges through four two-week workshops, called studios.

A kid working on an X-shaped hover aircraft

Each studio - Dancing Robots, Mobile Music Superstar, Brainwave Art and Music and Interactive Storybook - runs for a period of two weeks, where students undergo through the process of learning, conceptualising, designing, making and continuously remaking their products. They learn new technology skills, problem solving and how to work together as a team, under the guidance of Nuvu coaches, who are professional experts and academics at MIT and Harvard.

Kids with their Lunar Rover

“The concept is all about refining an idea till it’s successful; sometimes students get into a different track and the end product is not what they conceptualised, but what’s more important is the learning process. We want kids to realise that one could always start from the scratch,” says Nidhi Jaipuria, co-director, Nuvu-India Studio. The training will take place in two different sessions, each offering two different studios.

Kids with their dragon fly inspired toy

“Kids in India don’t have access to programmes that can help them use their creativity to do things the way they want. With Nuvu we want to make it possible,” she adds.

The products created during the four studios will use technologies, all provided by Nuvu, and kids will be trained on how to use light and motion sensors, work around micro controllers using robotics development platform Arduino, and work with advance softwares such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe flash, Sketchup, Logic and Garage Band among others.

The workshops are surely fun, but come at a cost of Rs 29,500 and is restricted only to kids in the age group of seven to 12.

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