'Leave politics out of your relationship'

Jun 11, 2016, 05:27 IST | Dr Love

Let Dr Love solve your relationship riddles in a confusing digital age

Q. My girlfriend doesn’t support my political beliefs. Should I break up with her?
A. Why should her political beliefs match yours? What if she hates Chinese food and you love it? Why can’t you embrace her point of view the way she embraces yours? She should break up with you. You’re too stupid to be dating someone.

Q. Is public display of affection a bad thing?
A. This is a new India, one that no longer respects women, often blames them for the way men react to them, and attacks them for holding hands with the men they love. A public display of affection is never a bad thing. If you love someone, you should have the right to show that person how much you care in any way possible. Our ancestors had no such qualms about public displays of affection; Khajuraho showcases displays of affection that often involve more than two people in a fairly graphic manner. What’s good enough for them ought to be good enough for us. As long as you don’t consider intercourse on our prudish streets, this shouldn’t be a problem. Unfortunately, the chances of a trigger-happy cop hassling you will still be high but, as I pointed out, this is a new, hypocritical India.

Q. How can guys encourage girls to dress modestly?
A. What does ‘modestly’ mean anyway? Who defines it? Who draws the line? Why do these rules of what is and isn’t ‘modest dressing’ change from street to street and state to state? Who gives guys any sort of right to dictate what girls ought to wear? Why can’t it be the other way round? Why do guys assume they own women’s bodies and are therefore responsible for what women wear? It’s their lives, their bodies and entirely their prerogative when it comes to dressing. What you need is to learn to mind your own business. Dress ‘modestly’ yourself if you feel the need to; stop shoving your regressive attitude on the rest of us.

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